We are opening doors to the renewable
and optimising energy.

Elvosolar a.s.

Since our foundation in 2009, we have built 32 photovoltaic power plants and successfully connected them to the distribution network. Currently, we ensure the operation and comprehensive service for 38 power plants with a total installed capacity of up to 40 MWp, and at the same time we are building other new network photovoltaic power plants, hybrid photovoltaic power plants and island photovoltaic power plants from a few kilowatts to tens of megawatts. This puts us among the most competent companies in the field of implementation and management of photovoltaic power plants with a significant market share in the region.

As part of innovation and sustainability of our planet, we are fostering energy consumption optimization and energy generation from renewable and waste sources throughout the region. We combine the latest approaches to energy consumption optimization with energy performance auditing technologies. Years of real-life experience from analyzing, designing, building and managing facilities for the optimization of energy consumption and renewable energy sources guarantee the delivery of a high-quality solution with a professional approach before, during and after its installation, with a guarantee of a reliable and economical operation.

Our key customers are from both the private and public sector, where we offer not only the implementation of cost-saving measures, remote facility management and comprehensive energy audit services, but also the preparation of tailor-made project documentation, the implementation of a complex energy project, the construction and servicing of operations and facilities as well as the monitoring and maintenance of energy equipment.


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